Cars Stolen in April
Date:  7/20/2023

Two cars were stolen in April.  They were stolen on the same day.  The only details I have is that they were both Hondas. 

Our surveillance cameras picked up the thefts, but not enough detail on the thieves for the police to make identification possible.

Honda Civics and Accords have been the most stolen cars over the last ten years.

One car was stolen in February (not a Honda) by two thieves using FOB signal amplifier devices.  See the News page for the details.

Here is a list of the most frequently stolen cars from

If your car uses an FOB, thieves can easily pick up and record or amplify its radio signals.  There are several ways you can protect / secure them.  Good FOB cases cost about $10.

At the very least (if unprotected), don't keep FOBs in any rooms anywhere near the catwalks.

Some Theft Protection Ideas

Here's a list of the best types of protection devices from

Kill Switch idea -- Could be problematic.  See reviews on Amazon.  You will need a mechanic to install this.  Check with him/her before buying. 

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