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Here's the latest on what's happening at our Waters Edge Towers community. 
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Three Shots Fired in SW Lot Sunday MorningLink to this category
For those who heard the unidentified shots fired on Sunday morning, an owner in the SE lot saw someone driving around in a white sedan in the SW lot with "somet…  (more…)

Replacing Your Window Screens SuggestionLink to this category
If you have broken or missing window screens you can get them custom made from Home Depot. A bit expensive -- about $85 each. I ordered them from the Copans…  (more…)

New Fining CommitteeLink to this category
Establishment of a fining committee has been approved by the WETC Board of Directors to deal with serious rule violations that are affecting the quality of life…  (more…)

Emotional Support & Service Animal RulesLink to this category
The latest document (as of 2013) for Waters Edge Towers Emotional Support and Service Animals Rules is now available on our Documents page. You must be logge…  (more…)

Cars Stolen in AprilLink to this category
Two cars were stolen in April. They were stolen on the same day. The only details I have is that they were both Hondas. Our surveillance cameras picked up…  (more…)

Waters Edge DocumentsLink to this category
An owner asked if the Condo docs and rules document is available online. He wanted to find out what the rules are for construction inside apartments. You can…  (more…)

How to contact your State Senator and Rep.Link to this category
When you need help with issues and don't know where to turn -- Try your state and city representatives. They will often bend over backwards to help you out.…  (more…)

Storage Rooms and Garbage RoomsLink to this category
From the WETC Board Hello all, STORAGE ROOMS This is a reminder that the storage rooms are to be used for storing things inside the cages only. We will be…  (more…)