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Here's the latest on what's happening at our Waters Edge Towers community. 
Do you know anything we should know about?  Please contact me and let me know. 

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Leaks Between Apartments

Leaks Between Apartments

Our buildings and apartments are getting older.  44 years old this year!  Some units are having issues with weakening or failing materials which are sometimes affecting other apartments.

Some of the issues to watch out for:

  • Old water heaters leaking
  • Shower floors degrading and leaking: If your shower floor(s) are getting wavy (and moldy) instead of flat and they are retaining water you need to get it repaired before it leaks. 
  • Kitchen sink disposals leaking
  • Balconies with outdoor carpet developing cracks and leaking
  • Toilet base seals between the base and the floor leaking
  • Toilets overflowing

Thanks to past HOA/COA Boards and Property Managers, our buildings and grounds have been kept up and maintained fairly well.  (And still more to do.)  But things inside apartment units are sometimes failing and causing damages to other apartments. 

If issues in an apartment cause damage to a neighboring apartment, the originating unit owner is responsible to repair the damage in both units.  The arrangements must be worked out between the unit owners.

This is just a heads up to be on the alert and try to catch and repair things before they affect apartments next door or below. 

You can get leak detectors on for a few dollars.  They can save you $100s or even $1000s when they catch leaks early. 

Also, see how to protect yourself and neighbors from plumbing leaks and very costly repairs and insurance claims by going to the above menu: Information / Plumbing Leaks.

Contact our Property Manager, Andrew, if you have any questions or need help with anything related to WETC or your unit.  If you have any questions about this or suggestions feel free to reply to this message.

Reminder -- This website and these news items are not an official communication from the WETC Board.  This is a volunteer, owner-run production for now.  Ideas and/or opinions expressed here are strictly those of the webmaster and sometimes other owners.

Car Theft

Car Theft

A car was stolen from the north lot on February 15 at 4:30 AM.

One unit owner saw the guy steal it, but didn't realize that the driver was not connected with the car owner.

It was a targeted, popular model. 

The thief was well practiced at this.  He followed the driver to where she parked and watched her go to her apartment.  The next morning one guy went to her apartment with a special FOB signal amplification device and transmitted her FOB signal to another guy at her car with a receiver.  He opened the door, started the car, the other guy jumped in and they drove away.

This type of theft is fairly common.  The police have been unable to locate either the thief or the car.  Usually these the operators in these types of thefts ship the car out of the country fairly quickly.

The last car that was stolen about a year ago was also taken at about 4:30 AM.  It was parked on the south side of Building 1.  That theft was recorded on our surveillance system.  (There are no cameras in the west lots.)

It is suggested that you protect your FOB by keeping it shielded.  I can send more info on this if anyone is interested.  Just email me at if you would like more info.

Our new Board of Directors

Our new Board of Directors

The annual meeting and election of directors was held on February 16.  The four candidates for the Board were installed by default.  Two more owners volunteered from floor to join the board.  So we now have ALMOST a full board.  Just one more is needed.  Awesome! 

The importance of having a full, functioning board is cannot be emphasized enough.   The alternative, nobody would want.  We are in good shape at this point.

About 25 members attended, including Board members.  There were not enough to establish the required quorum, so the business meeting was postponed.

The Board is planning on holding another meeting in the near future in order to conduct business.  An announcement will be posted. Please come if you are an owner.

The plan now is to have a business meeting every quarter.

Guest Parking

Guest Parking

A neighbor reported that she was having trouble getting permission for her overnight guests to park their vehicles in the WETC lots.

The instructions for successfully getting permission for your guest's vehicles have been added to the website via the above menu Community/Amenities.  (You have to be an owner and logged in to view the instructions.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact A-Z Parking Enforcement any time 24/7 at 954-707-8314 or our Property Manager at 954-781-8492 or

About the New Maintenance Fees

About the New Maintenance Fees

Questions have come up regarding the new maintenance fee for 2023.  Here is an explanation of why the fees have gone up.

About the New Condo Maintenance Fees