Three Shots Fired in SW Lot Sunday Morning
Date:  10/8/2023

For those who heard the unidentified shots fired on Sunday morning, an owner in the SE lot saw someone driving around in a white sedan in the SW lot with "something in their hand" when he heard three shots coming from the direction of the sedan.  This was around 10:40 A.M.

He followed the sedan in his car as it exited the lot but was unable to get a visual on the driver or determine for certain whether the sounds were gun shots or not.

He checked the SW lot for gun casings, but found nothing but some drug paraphernalia on the ground.

The suggestion has been made to get cameras installed in that lot as suspicious activity has often been seen in that lot.

Another suggestion has been to give some owners who spend a lot of time in their apartments remote access to the cameras so that they can be monitored.

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